5 Essential Landscaping Tools for New Homeowners

When you buy a new home, the first thing you have to worry about doesn’t have to do with the house itself, but rather the space of the land that the home sits on. That’s right, landscaping. 

Landscaping is so important nowadays as it helps the energy efficiency of your house. A correctly maintained landscaping can provide so much, from trees to shades, from shrubs to cool breezes. But to maintain good landscaping, you’ll need some landscaping tools.

So here are, 5 essential landscaping tools for new homeowners like you that will make your house a paradise palace. 

1. Gloves

When you think about landscaping, you know you’ll need to get your hands dirty. So the first thing you’ll need is gloves. Gloves are a must as it will protect you from soil bacteria and dirt. 

If you’re not careful enough, then skin infection will be knocking at your door like an uninvited guest. You might think it’s a little risk, but when it starts getting severe, you’ll be visiting the doctor more than your backyard. 

So, to keep yourself away from potential danger, you have to wear gloves. In the market, there are a few types of gloves to choose from. Here are a few. 

  1. Washable Synthetic Gloves – The synthetic gloves are ideal for general-purpose use with dry materials. You can reuse these gloves by washing them with water. 
  2. Cotton Gloves coated with Latex – You can use latex-coated cotton gloves for dealing with wet soil. During the rainy season, these gloves will be your best friend.
  3. Leather gloves – Leather gloves will provide you with the most protection. These gloves are the right choice for planting, digging, and significant projects. They cost more as well, but your health comes first, right?

It’s always better to know which gloves suit you best. Once your work is done, you can keep them stored in the shed. 

Landscaping Tools3

2. Shovel

Is buying a shovel necessary? Well, if you’re planning to dig holes with your bare hands then good luck with that.

A shovel is a straightforward and useful landscaping tool. This tool will help you to dig holes, lift, and move materials from your land such as soil, coal, sands, etc. Most of the shovels are hand tools. They are just components of a broad blade fixed to a handle. 

Shovel blades are usually made of solid sheet steel. While wood-handled shovels work fine, most professionals prefer a fiberglass or steel handle to get the job done easily. Although there are a lot of shovels to choose from, I have a suggestion for you.

Here’s a tip, choose a shovel that has a head made of stainless steel because it’s lightweight, strong, and easy to clean. Since you’ll be digging in your backyard, you won’t need a sharp blade, or you might hurt yourself. 

Once you have your shovel, use it carefully, don’t forget to sharpen the blade once a month, for safety issues keep it stored in the shed

3. Grass Trimmer

As the days go by, you’ll see your backyard full of tall grass that will start to get on your nerves. If you try cutting them with small tools while kneeling, your back will start to hurt. Why go through all this trouble? Just buy a grass trimmer. 

This tool is essential for landscaping because you can clean up the grasses of your land very easily and save plenty of time. A grass trimmer may cost you a little bit, but the investment pays off in the end. 

No grass trimmer lasts a decade, but if you maintain the tool properly, then it will be up for a long-term service. Grass trimmers are very easy to use and require less maintenance. Also, it won’t give you any gassy smell plus it will save you a lot of time. 

There are three types of grass trimmer on the market. I would recommend you to buy the electric grass trimmer because this is the most effective and efficient way to clean your land.

4. Saw

In terms of heavy loadout tools, you’ll need to buy a saw to cut wood. It can be trees or other wooden materials. This tool is made with tough blades and is attached to a wooden handle or a chain with a tough toothed edge. 

Close up of hedge trimmer cutting bushes to ideal fence.

Whenever you need to cut those extra trees off your land, there is nothing better than sawing to cut down those trees. This tool is mainly used to cut wood. So, you can use this tool to shape up any wooden things. But please don’t start cutting down your furniture. You’ll need something else for that.  

There are two types of saw on the market. The traditional handheld saw has a low price, but it’s heavy and hard to use. You have to cut things manually. So when you are thinking of buying a saw before moving into your new house, it would be best if you purchase an electric saw.

The benefits of having an electric chainsaw are countable. Yes, countable. Everything has its limits, right? They are easy to start and operate, less noisy, environment-friendly, and safer to use compared to the traditional ones. 

If you purchase a chainsaw for your landscaping, no extra wooden stuff can bother you to keep your paradise clean and well maintained. 

5. Buckets

Buckets aren’t the foremost exciting tool; however, they’re one among the helpful ones. It would be best if you keep lots of buckets in your inventory. They’re useful for carrying things, waste, and more.

Heavy-duty plastic buckets are a compelling choice. Metal buckets will rust when exposed to water; however, plastic buckets are water friendly. Also, plastic buckets have little flexibility that creates them easier to use and store.    

When choosing buckets, certify the handle is durable and it is made to be comfortable. 

Select a bucket with written measurements on the within. That enables you to carry specific quantities of liquid with no need for a separate tool.


Your home is your paradise. Cleaning up the yard and maintaining the environment will make you feel that way. So if you’re buying a new house at a new place, these five types of equipment will be enough for you to start.  

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